Australian Government. Department of Finance and Administration & The Treasury. Election commitment costings, Federal Election 2007

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Opposition Election Commitment Costing Request of 21 November 2007


This election costing contains information about the Opposition’s request for costings of the following policies:

PDF Documents

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Date Published

ALP Non-completion of Costing - Media Release

163.7 kb

23 Nov 2007 1:04am
ALP080 request for costing - Nursing Package

85.5 kb

21 Nov 2007 12:46pm
ALP081-167 Receipt of Request - Media Release

166.4 kb

21 Nov 2007 8:58pm
ALP107 Request for Costing - Green Loans

47.8 kb

21 Nov 2007 9:03pm
ALP150 Request for Costing - Safer Suburbs

25.7 kb

21 Nov 2007 9:24pm

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