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Election Commitment Costings

The Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998 outlines arrangements under which the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) may be requested to cost election commitments during the caretaker period for a general election.

In accordance with the Act, the Government, the Leader of the Opposition, or a Minority Party with at least five members in the Parliament may request through the Prime Minister for the Secretaries of the Treasury and Finance to cost election commitments. Election commitment costings completed by The Treasury and Finance will be posted on this site.

For the first time the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) will prepare election policy costings upon request from a Parliamentary party or a sitting Independent Member of Parliament seeking re-election. Costings prepared by the PBO are published on the PBO website. Parties with fewer than five members in either House of Parliament and Independent members of Parliament can have their policies costed by the PBO.

All costings will be prepared consistent with the Charter of Budget Honesty Policy Costing Guidelines – 2012, issued by the Secretaries of the Treasury and Finance.

Election Costings